Investment Initiatives LLC is able to offer a seamless, global service to investors and issuers requiring advice and assistance in devising and implementing their world-wide governance objectives and strategies.

Investment Initiatives LLC
Global Investment Services

Corporate Governance Consulting
Investment Initiatives can assess the advisability of external governance initiatives and campaigns, the probability of success, the standards expected of various categories of company in different markets or sectors, and potential returns possible as a result of different outcomes.

Investment Initiatives can assist the client in designing initiatives involving particular portfolio companies in the United States or abroad, in consultations or interventions involving regulators or government agencies, or in enlisting support for initiatives from other like-minded institutions, with a maximum of discretion. Analogous services are available for corporations wishing to improve their dialogue with their investors.

International Portfolio Management
International investing is not simply U.S.-style investing practiced in other countries. Different markets have different drivers, and the kinds and quality of information vary widely. What may work in one or two overseas markets may be disastrous and poison business relationships in many others. Portfolios managed as a mere adjunct of domestic U.S. portfolios will be error-prone, fail to meet their objectives or realize their potential, and could merely detract from domestic performance. Moreover, the whole role of international investments within a U.S.-oriented portfolio requires some profound re-thinking. The organization and staffing of an international management program, or the choice of an outside international manager can also require reconsideration of a management organization’s basic paradigm. With 25 years’ experience managing international portfolios for one of America’s largest and best-known funds, Investment Initiatives can diagnose clients’ problems and give a fresh view on underperforming organizations as well as coordinating an international effort with the rest of a client’s investment program.
Investment Initiatives can draw upon its contacts in academic and theoretical circles as well as long years of practical experience in portfolio management to perform research projects in a number of areas relating to investment and corporate governance issues.