About Investment Initiatives

Investment Initiatives LLC is an independent consultancy set up to aid both corporations and investors to improve corporate governance.

We exist to foster better and more realistic standards of governance, to aid companies in evaluating their existing arrangements and implementing any needed improvements, and to aid investors in achieving both lower risk from their portfolios and improved engagement with their portfolio companies when questions of governance arise.

As the accompanying Statement of Principles attests, we at Investment Initiatives conceive of corporate governance as an essential aspect of risk management, and as a means to attain higher sustainable profits and returns to investors. Corporate governance is not primarily a matter of passive compliance with externally-imposed rules, but of risk analysis and investment judgment.

We offer our clients a range of services aimed at meeting the governance needs of both the public corporation and the portfolio investor.  Our years of experience in both portfolio investment and in corporate governance are at clients’ disposal on a short-term or a longer term basis, for specific engagements, finite projects, and those of a longer or even indefinite duration.

If your governance needs transcend the capabilities of existing staff, if you may require an independent opinion to complement your governance efforts, or even if you want to begin a more general discussion of what your needs might be, contact us.

—Andrew Clearfield, President