Stock Lending: the current state of play

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The UK financial regulators recently conducted a consultation regarding the topic whether there were conflicts of interest between asset owners and their managers, regarding short-term and long-term perspectives, and which practices tended to promote one at the expense of the other.  I received an inquiry from a prominent academic regarding stock lending, and asking me whether comments regarding it were warranted in responses to the consultation.  This gave me occasion to make an updated review Read more [...]


“Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated”

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John Richardson has published a thought-provoking piece entitled "Corporate Governance is Dead" on the Global Investment Watch website, www.globalinvestmentwatch.com.   While he raises many good points about the historical development of the modern governance movement, and demonstrates that it has indeed changed over the years, I disagree very strongly with his conclusion that it is now dead, and summarized my thoughts on the subject for a thread on the Yale Governance Forum.  For those who may Read more [...]